Fate’s Haven Free eBook and New Digital Box Set

Fate's Haven Box SetWith the release of the third and final entry to the Fate’s Haven series, I am focusing on expanding readership. After some consideration of ideas from the independent publishing community I decided the best course of action is to give away the first book and hope it sparks interest in the others in the series.

Right now, Fate’s Haven is listed in numerous markets for free. This is the first in the series and the first book I published.

Also, I released a “box set” yesterday in digital format. It is available on Amazon and is essentially a single ebook that includes Fate’s Haven, The Enemy Within, and Sins of the Father. Purchasing the series will save you 20% off the list price of books two and three. I am looking into releasing the trilogy on other formats. Getting them listed can be a little tricky.

So if you are a reader who enjoys post-apocalyptic fiction, please check out Fate’s Haven. Enjoy!

Fate’s Haven Trilogy – Kindle Edition

Fate’s Haven – Free Listings


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New Release: Sins of the Father (Fate’s Haven, #3)

Sins of the Father Cover SmallA month ago I stated in a post that I would soon scratch a long-sitting item off my bucket list. Today I submitted the final version to Amazon and am anxiously awaiting its availability to the public.

Sins of the Father, the third and final book in my fictional series, Fate’s Haven, picks up immediately where The Enemy Within left off. While this novel continues to follow Gabriel and the others introduced throughout the series, Varia shares a significant portion of the story-telling.

Direct links are listed below. Links to the rest of the series are available on this page and on my Amazon Author profile page.

Sins of the Father – Kindle Edition
Sins of the Father – Paperback Edition

Gabriel is alone and in Sanctum’s hands. Their leader is determined to execute his plans for tyranny. Varia seeks redemption for her betrayal. The Great War has been raging for centuries but the final battle is on the horizon.

Hunted by Sanctum, Varia has vowed Gabriel’s safe return to Sara. She knows the risks. Sanctum is responsible for countless deaths and years of torture. But Varia owes Gabriel a debt and believes the only way to repay it is by dismantling Sanctum no matter the personal cost.


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Sins of the Father (Fate’s Haven #3) Cover Art, Release Date, and Free Advance Review Copies

Sins of the Father Cover SmallThree years ago I began working on a bucket-list item: write a novel. A year later I scratched that item off and added another: write a series. In thirty days I will scratch that item off also.

Sins of the Father, the third and final book in my fictional series, Fate’s Haven, will be released on March 19, 2015. I expect it to be available for sale later that evening. The cover art is ready and I am putting the final touches on the manuscript.

In the meantime I am offering to send free copies to anyone who commits to leaving a review upon completion of the book on Amazon within the first few days of its release. Reviews on venues are welcome, of course. If you are interested, please sign up for my Advance Review Copies (ARC) mailing list. Information regarding these copies will be sent March 6, 2015.


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Fate’s Haven Free This Weekend

Fate’s Haven Free This Weekend

Happy Friday!

From now until late Sunday evening, my first book, Fate’s Haven will be free for users of the Kindle and Kindle App. Please grab a copy and enjoy! You can get your copy it here.


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First Draft Complete, Fate’s Haven #3

Late last night I finished a very rough first draft of the third and final installment of Fate’s Haven. I’ve been kicking around a few different names and toying with cover art while letting the draft simmer a bit in my head.

I expect it to take another few months or so before it’s ready for release. For now, I’m planning a tentative release of May 1, though my hope is to have it out sooner.


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Happy Birthday (to me)

To help celebrate my birthday (today) I’ve decided to set up an eBook giveaway. I wasn’t able to get the marketing campaign set up in time to give away anything today. Instead, Fate’s Haven (my first book) will be available free to download from Amazon on Friday February 6 thru 9th. So mark your calendar and pick up a copy during the free promotion!

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Happy New Year

pen-and-paper-writing-9349790-1024-768[1]Good morning!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve made any updates and I do apologize for that. 2014 has been extremely busy and since I don’t write full-time my writing unfortunately suffers tremendously.

As you may know, I work in IT security and my workload between summer and the end of the year is always the busiest time of the year. It isn’t uncommon for me to work over the typical forty hour week. Often times the work comes home so I can stay caught up. Couple that with a three-year-old and another baby on the way and writing just ends up taking a back seat.

So here I am, almost a year after the release of The Enemy Within and I haven’t completed the third in the series yet. It’s a bit discouraging since I hoped it would be a 2014 release. The truth is I began writing it immediately after publishing my Novelette. But about halfway through I realized it wasn’t right. I hit a few points where things weren’t coming together the way I planned and I took some advice to just write and fix it later and it only made matters worse. In the end I had to start over. I spent a lot of time discouraged but after a while I began again and have been working slowly from a detailed plan. That’s the good news.

The bad news is I’m not quite 2/3 of the way through the rough draft yet. Each of the three novels have been planned to comprise of 27 chapters broken into three parts, each containing nine chapters. I finished part one and am working slowly through part two. There’s a lot in the chapters I’m currently working on that I feel has to be perfect. Yes, the entire book needs to be perfect but there are things that I feel have to be handled extremely delicately during this early stage so it doesn’t distract me later. I know I can always go back and tweak things but I also know that if I don’t write it with perfection in mind that I’ll become obsessed with it later on and never get anything accomplished.

So there’s kinda where I am. I know it isn’t much of an update and definately not what some of you were hoping for. Just keep in mind that I’m planning this as the final piece of the series and I want it done the right way. I won’t publish anything I’m not happy with.

As always, your feedback is always appreciated. Your support is the best kind of marketing a guy like me can hope for.


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